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The New Face Of Your Brand Awaits

The Real Reason You Are Here

Do you crave a website that represents your brand? We serve visually appealing and carefully crafted templates to match your business’s personality.


Our process is as Easy As Pie: 

Browse among our themes and choose the one you feel aligned with, choose a monthly maintenance package and get the most out of your website. After providing us with the details you’ll receive your finished product within a week!


  • You’ve likely run into SEO trouble
  • Your website is outdated or collecting dust on the internet
  • You haven’t hired a professional Divi WordPress team to update and maintain your website for you
  • You’ve been DIY-ing your website the wrong way

“You can’t serve customers without a modern and easy to navigate website to show off your product/service.”

Our Simple 3 Step Processs

01. Choose Your Theme

Functionality at its finest. Choose a theme to match your brand. No wait time, no long nights figuring out how to code, no stressful decision-making, our template themes are all ready to make your website stand out with visuals that represent your brand, your business, and your community

02. Pick Your Package

To give you peace of mind, choose a monthly maintenance package and we’ll take care of the nitty-gritty parts of your website like plugins, SSL, SEO, DIVI, and more. Packages include monthly reports on your website’s health, analytics, and business insights. Get a taste of our maintenance plans to ensure your website is running smoothly.

03. Your Dream, Your Creation, Your Way

Your success means the world to us! We handle the hard stuff so you don’t have to! The best part? We start working with you within 48 hours and pump out your website in less than a week. There’s no need to wait months for a functional and fabulous website.


“Running a non-profit takes so much time I couldn’t dedicate time to getting our website update and mobile-friendly.

My Slice of Pie came in with thoughtful designs that completely got our company values, mission, and our target market and in no time our website was done, and ready to accept donations!” – Kelly

Fast And Reliable Business Support


Worry Free Monthly Maintenance

From broken links to bug fixes, website reporting, and analytics, monthly maintenance protects your website and your business.

SEO Optimization

Boost your website’s Google ranking and increase traffic with professional SEO coding for higher conversion rates.

VPS Servers

Instantly increase website application speed and decrease loading time with our VPS Turbo Servers.


Upgrade Access to Monthly Trainings

Learn the ins-and-outs of websites with access to monthly training.

An IT Team at Your Service

Get your questions answered quickly and issues fixed in a jiffy.

Focused on Small Businesses

You succeed, we succeed. We provide fast and reliable services for your business to thrive.

Scientifically Proven Methodology Paired with Creative Design

Why My Slice Of Pie

We help entrepreneurs and side-gig owners thrive with fresh and modern business website designs. There’s nothing we love more than your sweet success, that’s why we offer a monthly maintenance system to help you focus on scaling while we speak code so you don’t have to.

We've been around the block once or twice; we know what sticks and what slips. From SEO to DNS and every domain name in between, your website is more than an attractive visual on the outside, it’s a money-making machine.

What the Facts Say

Did You Know?

To feel seen, felt, worthy, valued, heard you need a website worth visiting and buying from. Without a user-friendly or properly functioning website, you’ll lose sales!


89% of consumers will search for your competitor if they had a bad experience

Uh-oh, we’re convinced your website isn’t making you money because of its design, outdated branding, and difficult navigation.

You have 0.05 seconds to impress your leads. If this stat scares you, you need a reliable website to bring you customers not drive them away.


94% of first impressions are related to your site’s web design

The 90’s called and they want their website back. No one wants a tricky or amateur looking layout.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to continuously update it – especially for a modern-day style.


57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile

Wonder why you don’t get referrals? The mobile version of your website could be the culprit.

It’s 2021, everything is mobile. Ensure your website exceeds expectations by ensuring it’s mobile-friendly.

The Importance of Monthly Maintenance

Monthly website updates are done-for-you by a team of seasoned WordPress Legends who know websites inside and out. Like your phone, your website needs monthly maintenance to improve its performance. Without a plan, your website is a recipe for disaster! Be the CEO you are, while we work on the mechanics behind-the-scenes.

We’re the help you didn’t know you needed, until now!

More Reasons To Love Monthly Maintenance

Feel safe and secure when your information is protected.

Feel confident providing an unforgettable customer experience.

Feel excited to boost your SEO ranking on Google to outshine competitors.

Feel relief knowing your website is being taken care of.

Cheaper options may sound good for the moment, but they’ll never know your website like we do.

Have Questions?

If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, let us know!

Scale Your Business With Websites Themes
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Your website design is more than a pretty picture, it’s your selling vehicle. With proper maintenance, you’ll see a massive increase in website traffic, positive reviews, and plenty of sales!