Aspire Theme

Created to sell High-Ticket products/services

FACT: Long Page Landing Pages generates 220% MORE leads then traditional sales pages.

A well-designed website not only generates traffic, it retains customers.

The Aspire Theme

The Aspire Theme is the long-copy landing page that attracts high-ticket sales.

Now is the time to streamline your sales process and let your website sell for you!  Showcase the value you give your clients with this bright and airy modern landing page, specifically designed to handle to reduce your time and while increasing your client’s “happiness” factor.  $997

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Successful business owners know the secret to scaling is all in the website design maintenance. There’s no need to stress while you consult the internet and DIY your way to the top.

Fast & Easy

"Running a non-profit takes so much time I couldn’t dedicate time to getting our website update and mobile-friendly. My Slice of Pie came in with a thoughtful design that completely got our company values, mission, and our target market and in no time had our website is done and ready to accept donations!" - Kelly F

My Dream Business

“A year ago I was making a dream come true by designing our new Fave online community.  It was a chaotic, hectic time of my life and Danielle took my vision with her design team and made it a reality." - Karen R

Online Presences

"God continues to bless me with the most amazing women and Danielle, Founder of My Slice Of Pie is no exception. Danielle and her team were able to realign my online presence with the heart of my message. They are simply the best.

I highly recommend My Slice Of Pie for all your website design needs." - Deanna N

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From broken links to bug fixes, website reporting, and analytics, monthly maintenance protects your website and your business.

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Boost your website’s Google ranking and increase traffic with professional SEO coding for higher conversion rates. 

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Instantly increase website application speed and decrease loading time with our VPS Turbo Servers. 


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Learn the ins-and-outs of websites with access to monthly training. 

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Get your questions answered quickly and issues fixed in a jiffy.

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You succeed, we succeed. We provide fast and reliable services for your business to thrive. 

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Your website design is more than a pretty picture, it’s your selling vehicle. With proper maintenance, you’ll see a massive increase in website traffic, positive reviews, and plenty of sales!