The Clarity Theme

Clean – Sleek – Designed to Convert

FACT: Long-page solopreneur websites have a 37% higher conversation rate than multi-page websites.

Make a statement with your online presence.

The Clarity Theme

The Clarity Theme shows the flare and personality of your brand

For creatives, go-getters, and online business lovers, this template theme represents a fresh touch to your personal brand. Clean, sleek, and easy-to-use, your visitors will have a clear path to what you have to offer and instantly build trust with you.  

Website: $997 (one-time fee)
+ Monthly Package

 Customized Samples

Other companies will install the website themes for you, but they won’t 100% customize it for you. Check out our amazing work for our clients!

Deborah K

Deborah was looking for a theme that could be customized to suit her older clientele.  Simple and to the point, Deborah customized the fonts to larger size making it easy for her target clients to understand and make fast decisions to hire her.  Deborah’s end result is a simple, high converting, website that focuses on helping her clients get the service they desire. 

Deborah K
Deborah King IT Consulting

Rudy – Health and Mindset Coach TBA

Rudy was looking for a quick and simple solution that captured and highlighted his mental and physical coaching skill set. By using similar color tones of the template, Rudy focused on creating a website that focused on helping men elevate their quality. of life. A quality, masculine, and high-end converting website was just want Rudy created.

Rudy P
Rudy Mindset Coaching

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Successful business owners know the secret to scaling is all in the website design maintenance. There’s no need to stress while you consult the internet and DIY your way to the top.

Fast & Easy

"Running a non-profit takes so much time I couldn’t dedicate time to getting our website update and mobile-friendly. My Slice of Pie came in with a thoughtful design that completely got our company values, mission, and our target market and in no time had our website is done and ready to accept donations!" - Kelly F

My Dream Business

“A year ago I was making a dream come true by designing our new Fave online community.  It was a chaotic, hectic time of my life and Danielle took my vision with her design team and made it a reality." - Karen R

Online Presences

"God continues to bless me with the most amazing women and Danielle, Founder of My Slice Of Pie is no exception. Danielle and her team were able to realign my online presence with the heart of my message. They are simply the best.

I highly recommend My Slice Of Pie for all your website design needs." - Deanna N

The Process


Day 1


As soon as your discovery form is complete we will hop on a kick-off call with you to make the plan for your website!

Day 2


Our team will start customizing the branding and design for your new website!

Day 3


While we build your site, you'll be sending photos, updating text, and preparing any final content for your design.


Day 4

Draft Review

Congrats, time for a draft review of your website!  (Our client's second favorite day!)


Day 5


We wrap up all change requests and start the process of making your website live!

Day 6

Prep for Go-Live

Our tech gurus get to work and start to move your site from staging to the live domain.


Day 7


It's go-live day!!  Grab a celebration drink - your website is live and time to support your marketing objectives!

Have Questions?

If there’s a question we haven’t answered yet, let us know!

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Your website design is more than a pretty picture, it’s your client trust builder. With proper maintenance, you’ll see a massive increase in website traffic, positive reviews, and plenty of sales!